ABP: Aldi new product development


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  • Brand Development

  • Package Design

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  • POS


ABP Food Group has a turnover of €3bn and is one of Europe’s leading producer and supplier of meat. They supply the majority of the High Street’s best known retailers. In an incredibly dynamic sector they are an extremely innovative company who are continually creating new products to cater for the ever-changing tastes of the consumer.


The meat-free trend keeps on growing, with the UK meat-free market reaching an estimated £740m in 2018. New plant-based brands like Beyond Meat are getting plenty of media attention as well as gaining listings in major supermarkets.

At the same time, retailers like Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and ALDI are overhauling their merchandising strategies to create dedicated fixtures for vegan products and co-siting plant-based alternatives next to meat products.

ABP are continually developing new products, and although their core business is meat, this was the perfect opportunity to create another high quality product that would fit in their portfolio.

ABP work in close partnership with their retailers, and the new product is designed to help ALDI satisfy the demands of the increasing number of consumers who are asking for alternatives
to meat.


Considering what approach to take in this space is fairly complex. The huge growth in this category is fuelled by growing consumer demand, brands and retailers say, but where exactly is that demand coming from? And what is driving it? For example – the overwhelming majority of British shoppers describe themselves as meat eaters, with just 2% identifying as vegan, 4% as pescatarian and 6% as vegetarian.

There is also a new rise in people describing themselves as “flexitarian” who are trying to cut down on meat. There is also some interest in products that replicate meat in other ways, with 15% of consumers agreeing that meat-free burgers which ‘bleed’ are appealing; rising to a quarter of 16-34-year-olds.

With this in mind, the strategy to adopt was to tap into the consumers who like meat, but would like to try and cut down. In other words, they would still like to eat meat,


The packaging tested very well with consumers, and the although it is early days, the launch has been successful. The brand was almost matching sales of the best selling meat free brand.

As this is probably one of the most volatile and talked about categories in the food industry, long term we would anticipate that the brand and packaging will evolve as retailers develop their offer. This is a very exciting time for new product development in this area, so we’re sure we’ll be further involved – watch this space!



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