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Crown Computing is the UK’s leading supplier of Workforce Management Solutions to medium-to-large organisations in both private and public sectors. For 30 years they have provided customers with the very best systems to optimise the investment they make in their workforce.


Over the course of their 30 year history, Crown have always evolved their technology to reflect the demands of the market. However, that same attention had not been paid to the brand which was losing ground to competitors. Some of which were new-to market tech start-ups who had the look, but not the substance or depth of experience.

The Agency were tasked with a complete rebrand would touch all areas of the business, from the messaging, tone of voice, identity, graphic design and all aspects of their communication.


From day one The Agency took an analytical approach. We needed to fully understand the unique strengths of Crown, and why they differed from other companies in the sector, and what their vision for the future was.

We held brand workshops with team members from all aspects of the business from administration and development through to senior management in order to develop a brand platform that worked for everyone in the business.

From the research, we created the foundations of the new brand. We created succinct introductions, defined the business values and core benefits of using Crown products. This then formed the basis to encapsulate those ideas with the “Inspired Workforce Management” position. This was designed to reflect the difference and approach Crown undertakes to ensure clients are receiving a service that is bespoke, beneficial and measurable, and to communicate that customers are getting decades of expertise and experience. This is the essence that truly separates them from the competition.


Building on the foundations of the brand platform, we created a new identity that is fresh and contemporary, while maintaining an established feel for the industry. We introduced new typography and colour schemes and developed a practical, dynamic visual style for on and offline material.

The identity and messaging was also repurposed for the sub brand Crown Duty Management which was developed purely to position and communicate effectively with Crown’s Emergency Services clients. The website was evolved to incorporate the new brand and all literature was revised to bring it into alignment with the new brand.

It was the start of great relationship that over the last few years has led to a continued rollout of the brand through signage, exhibition, advertising and email newsletters and merchandising, and very recently a new website.


You can see more of our work, download this case study or use the form to get in contact. If you have a project similar to this (or nothing like it for that matter), we’d love to hear from you!