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FAKRO is dynamic, innovative and one of the fastest growing manufacturers of roof windows in the world, with around 15% of the global market at present. The parent company based in Eastern Europe has a huge manufacturing facility and state of the art design unit that are continually developing new products.


The roof window market is highly competitive, and the FAKRO brand was under increasing pressure for inferior products and from the market leader Velux that has become the generic term for a roof window. Velux also has a huge marketing budget that extends from consumer TV advertising through to offering huge discounts to contractors via its loyalty programme.

FAKRO had an outstanding range of products, but had also a low level of recognition with architects and specifiers. This was crucial as the high value, often unique products that they offer were not price competitive – they were purely based on design and quality.


The key objective was to de-commoditise the products. The products simply couldn’t compete on a price platform with inferior brands. The Agency had to set FAKRO apart by educating users and specifiers why they were better, and why they were unique.

This strategy would work to take on the leading brand on equal terms, and the cheaper products. It allowed no confusion as to why you should invest in a FAKRO roof window. We had identified the strengths, features and benefits of the product range, and we certainly felt that was more than enough to knockout the cheap challenger and land some serious blows on the reigning champion!

The key was to create compelling, powerful creative that set FAKRO apart. Wherever it appeared on and offline, it would need to make a big impression.


All of the key management team agreed that we had moved on the creative on in leaps and bounds, and our ideas were a great step forward from where they were previously.

The initial part of the campaign was created to fight back against some of the claims that the competitors were using in their marketing to gain market share. The Evidence Pack designed to present the true facts about the FAKRO product range we created certainly stirred up a hornet’s nest!

The other ad campaigns certainly made their mark, and served to make FAKRO stand out in the market. As part of the part of our brief our aim was to elevate the FAKRO brand, and the creative succeeded in positioning FAKRO as one of the leading manufacturers, allowing them to start to grow their reputation both with end users and specifiers.


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