Hambleside Danelaw:
Brand & Marketing


  • Brand Review
  • Strategic Brand Platform
  • Website design
  • Literature design
  • Advertising
  • Exhibition Design
  • Direct Mail
  • Social Media
  • Infographics


For over 40 years Hambleside Danelaw have been at the forefront of manufacturing high quality products for the construction industry. They provide roofing solutions in three specilaised areas under three distinct brands: Danelaw Pitched Roofing, Zenon Rooflights and Dryseal Flat Roofing.


Since 1975, Hambleside Danelaw held the patent for innovative GRP roofing product. They had grown their business around the construction industry and had created go-to products that everyone knew and trusted. Skip forward a few decades and the patent expired on one of their key products.

This allowed competitors to create a lower quality, me-too products and invariably take market share. This left Hambleside in unknown waters as previously they had no need to ‘hard sell’ their product as it was unique.

While competitors raced to the bottom, undercutting and driving down prices, Hambleside Danelaw took the decision to review and elevate their brand.


We had worked extensively in the sector with similar brands previously, so we were a logical fit. We spent time learning about all aspects of the business. Discovering what makes them unique with key members of the Hambleside team from both the sales and marketing and technical sides of the business was vital. We could then understand what makes them special, and why they are one of the most respected names in the industry.

After getting under the skin of the brands, we determined that each of them were different and had unique offers of their own, whilst being underpinned by the umbrella Hambleside Danelaw company. We established conceptual campaigns that leveraged the brands and their products that positioned them more effectively in the market. We introduced the new brand messaging and thinking to key promotional material.

To move the brand forward, the website in particular needed some attention. The site had been fairly recently created, so it would have be evolved within the existing framework. We updated the site, re-engineered the back-end and made the functionality of the site perform the task perfectly.


Response to the work The Agency has done has been overwhelmingly positive with the sales teams across the brands armed and confident with the marketing material is working hard to separate Hambleside from the competition. Over the last two years of activity responses are up and the business continues to grow in key areas.

The website continues to perform too – the visitor numbers massively increased, as did the engagement with the site. We have expanded the functionality with features such as a merchant locator and optimised it to improve rankings in key areas. The business is much more confident with website build and we are also working on specific digital activity to further boost the online presence of the brands.


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