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The name Yale is synonymous across the globe with security. Since 1843 it has been one of the worlds most trusted brands. Using advanced lock technology, Yale have globally launched a new range of bike locks with various specifications to meet the demands of every type of cyclist, from the casual Sunday cyclist to hardcore fitness fanatic.


The challenge on the project was two fold. Firstly, we needed to design the packaging for each of the 12 products in the range. The packs primarily had to have a powerful shelf presence. They also had to be practical –  there were many different models, and each one had feature up to 22 translations of key product features, as well as a suite of icons to visually communicate the benefits!

Secondly, the creative had to be visually powerfully – a concept that could be rolled out to the territories globally, with supporting material flexible enough to work after translation. It needed to work effectively in all markets with different languages and cultural differences.


As always, an analytical approach was needed to determine the position that would suit Yale’s relatively new journey into the world of the connected home. We not only had to create communications that took on the new tech guys on a level playing field, but crucially needed build on Yale’s 175 year’s heritage – something that the new kids on the block could never claim!

The first task was to create the “big idea” that all of the creative could be developed from, and could be adapted across all different types of media. A further complication was that the communications were to be easily understandable, immediate and translatable into many different languages. It was also key that it hit the right note in territories with both cultural differences and lifestyles.

Once the initial concept was developed, a set of tailored, key images were created for each of the territories. A marketing toolkit with a wide range of materials was then produced to launch the concept.


The materials we created were very well received, and helped Yale launch the concept of SmartLiving into the markets very successfully.

However as you can imagine, the project is on-going and we are still working with Yale to market SmartLiving. The sector is growing at a huge rate worldwide, and Yale are continually creating exciting new products using their 175 years of experience to maximise the potential of “smart home” technology.


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Watch the adverts we created in association with our friends at Tinker Taylor to launch the new range.

We have also produced video content for social media