Yale Smart Living:
Brand & Marketing


  • Multichannel Advertising
  • Literature Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Video Production
  • Animation
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Marketing Toolkit
  • Point of Sale
  • AR Development
  • App Design
  • Exhibition Design
  • Interactive Tables
  • Image Library


Yale Smart Living is Yale’s innovative range of home security devices that helps you protect, monitor and control your home, anywhere at any time, via your smartphone or tablet. Smart Living brings convenience and peace-of-mind freeing you up to enjoy the things that really matter.


Smart Living is an exciting development in Yale’s history and builds on their experience of all aspects of security. The “Smart Home” is without doubt the biggest change in home security for decades, and is developing from new technology to becoming an accepted, everyday part of life.

The challenge  for Yale and all other established manufacturers is the rise of start-up challenger brands. These new kids on the block certainly have the brand image, but not always the technology to deliver, but can punch above their weight.

The other key issue as always with new technology, is explaining in simple terms what it is, and what it can do for you. It sounds simple, but this is always a challenge, and the “educational” aspect of any campaign is vital for the consumer to understand what a new product is. You can see clearly examples in the media when marketeers get all excited producing campaigns for new tech products that are highly creative, but end up leaving the consumer completely baffled!


As always, an analytical approach was needed to determine the position that would suit Yale’s relatively new journey into the world of the connected home. We not only had to create communications that took on the new tech guys on a level playing field, but crucially needed build on Yale’s 175 year’s heritage – something that the new kids on the block could never claim!

The first task was to create the “big idea” that all of the creative could be developed from, and could be adapted across all different types of media. A further complication was that the communications were to be easily understandable, immediate and translatable into many different languages. It was also key that it hit the right note in territories with both cultural differences and lifestyles.

Once the initial concept was developed, a set of tailored, key images were created for each of the territories. A marketing toolkit with a wide range of materials was then produced to launch the concept.

We support the entire EMEA for Yale. That means translating campaigns in to multiple languages and tweaking imagery to have a more localised appeal. The videos we created to explain Yales’s SmartLiving concept were translated and produced in to multiple languages. Campaigns and supporting sales literature are produced focussed on both endusers and business partners.

Yale’s growing range of smart products integrates with the popular voice assistants and so the work we do which incorporates branding from Google and Amazon’s Alexa devices has to be carefully considered and created with strict guidelines.

We are currently revising the artwork for the entire Smart Living range in association with global brand and supply chain partners.


The materials we created were very well received, and helped Yale launch the concept of SmartLiving into the markets very successfully.

However as you can imagine, the project is on-going and we are still working with Yale to market SmartLiving. The sector is growing at a huge rate worldwide, and Yale are continually creating exciting new products using their 175 years of experience to maximise the potential of “smart home” technology.


You can see more of our work, download this case study or use the form to get in contact. If you have a project similar to this (or nothing like it for that matter), we’d love to hear from you!


Watch the full advert we produced in association with our friends at Tinker Taylor to showcase the Smart Living range of products (Featured right).

We have also produced a number of animated product ‘How to’ guides that are both informative and act as technical support.