An ultra-fast brochure for CFL Broadband

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The Agency Brand Consultancy were commissioned to create a suite of three new brochures for the national broadband provider, CFL Broadband. We had to create regional variations for the CFL teams in Coventry, London and Birmingham.

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Positioning: It’s not what you SAY…

By Branding News

It’s what they THINK.

In the 1970’s Al Ries and Jack Trout popularised the concept of positioning. Since then, they’ve written dozens of books between them and have made a fortune on the speaking circuit. Still, you could have a roomful of MBA’s and no two would agree on what positioning really means. Many people can’t even decide if the word is an active verb or a proper noun. Most people think of positioning as a simple step ladder. The cheapest, lowest-end products are “positioned” at the bottom of the ladder, and the best, most expensive products are on the top shelf, if you will. Read More