Some say great copywriting is dead, but that may well be premature. Trends come and go, but great copywriting always hits the mark. Images are always the go to medium to help advertisers connect – right?


Boy oh boy though, beautifully crafted copy can hit you right between the eyes, and we think there might just be a love for words powerfully spoken creeping back into fashion.

What prompted this – well, these beautifully crafted ads for HSBC. The ‘We Are Not An Island’ campaign comprises a series of copy-led print executions that seek to celebrate the elements of British life that are indebted to the nation’s connections to the wider world. It was produced by JWT London.

Versions of the billboards have appeared in Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and London. They each feature local references unique to the UK, such as the formation of the iconic Proclaimers song lyric in Edinburgh.

They may have caused some controversy as some viewed them as anti-Brexit – but that’s no bad thing. You can’t argue about the execution, they just hit the sweetspot – a great example of the craft!

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