Following on from the success of the Portal Data Centres brand and website that we recently created, The Agency Brand Consultancy were commissioned to create a unique piece of highly targeted direct marketing for the main Portal Group. 

Portal offer a unique take on accommodation provision through there occupier solutions approach to commercial property. They source, and where necessary, restructure existing property to match the needs of the customer.

Our brief was to create a direct mail piece that would appeal to the CEO’s and Finance Director’s of some of the largest blue chip organisations in the UK, researched as having a lease break from March 2012 and with a space requirement of at least 20,000 sq ft.

We created a personalised tin that was individually named and sent out to 84 carefully selected recipients. The contents of the tin covered the primary benefits of using Portal and prompted a further conversation to meet their specific needs.

Incredibly, of the 84 recipients there was only 7 no further actions! That is a success rate of 91.5%!14 meetings have already taken place with all commenting on the stand out attributes of the design, relevance of the material and that the campaign stood head and shoulders above other material received. 

I am sure you would agree, an outstanding result that we and Portal were delighted with.

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